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    Here's a look at some of our latest projects.


    Corker -Nash Building, Downtown Dublin, GA

    The corker Building

    Out with the old, in with the older.

    Like many downtowns across the country, Dublin saw its fair share of gorgeous architecture covered and mangled during the 1960's and 70's. This beauty - The Corker Building - was built in 1898, and her facade recently saw the light of day for the first time in decades. The clouds opened, the angels sang, it was a glorious day for preservationists everywhere.


    The future is bright for The Corker. DDA is working with the new owner to qualify the project for historic tax credits. His vision will see it become a high-end mix-use space, with retail and dining on the bottom floor and residential spaces on the second. Did we mention the apartments will overlook the new plaza? Talk about a room with a view.

    Jackson Street Plaza concept in Downtown Dublin, GA

    Jackson Street Plaza & Parking

    A beautiful new green space and 70+ new parking spaces for the north side of Jackson Street.

    Form and function. This project includes a new green space featuring a meandering water feature, lush vegetation, patios, and swings. At the same time, the plaze will also connect a new parking lot to the shops and restaurants along West Jackson Street.


    DDA is proud to collaborate with the City of Dublin on creating a design to meet all of the aesthetic and infrastructure needs pointed out by our stakeholders. And of course, many thanks to our Mayor and City Council for making this project a priority.

    The Henry-Curry Building, Downtown Dublin, GA

    The Henry Building

    Downtown's most prominent corner is getting a major face lift.

    At 14,000 sq. ft., The Henry Building is one of Downtown Dublin's largest, most noticeable buildings. You may not recognize it even though it sits at the corner of two busy highways just across from the courthouse. Once a bank and mercantile, the beautiful turret was removed and many aesthetic features were changed in the 50's to make way for a department store. (Same story, different building, right?)


    Lucky for us the Henry Building's long-time owners know a good investment when they see one, and it is now staged for redevelopment into retail, professional, and flexible work space. With the help of historic tax credits and community partnerships, this dream will soon be a reality.

    Luke Kolbie at 117 W. Jackson Street in Downtown Dublin, GA

    Kolbie Building

    Meet Downtown's newest neighbor, the Kolbies.

    It takes a village to raise a family ... and to rehab a historic building. DDA is working with the Kolbie family to qualify their new property at 117 W. Jackson Street for historic tax credits.


    The facade of the building was peeled off to expose its original brick finish and sandstone moldings. (Swoon. Sorry, we're building huggers here.) Future plans for the 100+ year old former J.C. Penney building include two lofts, one efficiency apartment, and a retail space, just in time for the new park right down the street.

    Oconee River Walk, Downtown Dublin, GA

    Oconee River Walk & Bike Trail

    Connecting downtown to the ultimate natural resource - the Oconee River.

    Imagine the day you'll be able to grab a bite to eat downtown and head to the river to rent a kayak and explore the Oconee.


    The River Walk master plan will enhance the state bike route through Laurens County and connect our core commercial district to a recreation epicenter on the Oconee River.


    The plan includes redeveloping Madison Street as a pedestrian corridor, bicycle and walking trails along the river, a boat launch, amphitheater, and recreational outfitters.

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