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All the Colors

An interesting and attractive facade can be a huge asset to your downtown business. Today, we're working with a downtown property owner on a plan to renovate the facade of their 75+ year old building. It can be a little tricky selecting finishes and fixtures that are appropriate for a historical property, but a well-thought plan can help set your storefront and business up for success. Plus, we're here to help and we LOVE design work.

The basic rules to renovating a downtown storefront -

1. Stay true to the defining characteristics of your historic building,

2. Repair rather than replace historic features, and

3. If replacement is necessary, select finishes and fixtures that are appropriate to the era and style of the building.

For a full list of do's and don'ts check out our Design Guidelines.

The property we're working on today was painted years ago.

Side note: If brick has never been painted, it should be left that way. I mean, what's better than historic brick? The craftsmanship and design of historic masonry is extremely hard to replicate, so why try? Am I right?

Anyway, since today's project was painted a while back, we're looking through paint samples to select a pallet that will freshen the facade and compliment its surroundings. If you're ever interested in looking through paint colors, we really like Benjamin Moore's historical collection. We're also looking at signage design and lighting fixtures for the owner. Yay!

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We can't wait to see how this reno will turn out. Once we have the package put together, we'll help the business owner through the local Historic Review Board process and they'll be on their way.

If you have a property you're interested in renovating, feel free to reach out. We'll be happy to take a look at your project and help guide you along the way.

Happy Monday!

Tara B.