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    Investing in #DowntownDublin means that you have a built in support team.

    Here's a collection of contacts, documents, applications, and articles to help get you started.

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    Dublin DDA's Vision

    Why Downtown Dublin? Why Now?

    Understand the ideas behind why reviving and strengthening our core is essential to the growth of our community.  For downtown to succeed, it has to embrace the qualities that set it apart: small business-oriented, walking-friendly, historic, green, and cultural.

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    Dublin Historic District

    The historic district was created in the 1970's to protect Dublin's landmarks from bad remodels, or worse, demolition. Here are a few things to review before you get started on a historic building project.

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    Downtown Loan Fund

    Need a loan for acquisition, construction, or equipment? Our community banks joined forces to create the Downtown Loan Fund. Contact our DDA staff to see if this financial tool is right for you.

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    Facade Design + Grant

    Did you know DDA offers design assistance and grant funding for historic facade renovations? Take a look at this information to get started.

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    Starting a Business in Dublin

    It's important to make sure your new business gets started on the right foot. Contact the City Marshall's office for information on occupational taxes, licensing, and alcohol sales

    Tammy Hayes, City Marshall

    478.277.5016 (Direct Line)

    Dublin City Hall


    Georgia Main Street, Downtown Dublin, GA

    Dublin became an accredited Main Street City in 1989. That means that the City of Dublin uses a unique, comprehensive approach to redeveloping its downtown including incentivizing private development, encouraging proper design through historic preservation, building community partnerships, and marketing downtown as destination for business and culture.

    Georgia Main Street, Downtown Dublin, GA

    Show Downtown some love

    Partner with us, and we'll put your business front and center at our banner events throughout the year.  We ttract nearly 20,000 visitors annually and we won't stop there! Follow the link below to learn how you can support our efforts to reignite #DowntownDublin.