• What We Do

    If you have the will, we'll find the way.

    Company Supply in Downtown Dublin, GA

    Facade Design + Grants

    Storefronts are important. We can help get it right.

    With matching grants up to $5,000 per facade, the DDA helps bring back the classic downtown look that many of our historic storefronts lost in the 1960s and 70s.

    Fred Roberts, Bicentennial Plaza in Downtown Dublin, GA

    Downtown Loan Fund

    Our community banks are small business champions. We'll prove it.

    Low-interest loans are available for qualifying downtown businesses. The DDA staff will help you connect with our downtown lenders to bring your small business idea to life.

    Georgia Military College, Downtown Dublin, GA

    Historic Tax Credits

    Saving our historic landmarks could mean money in your pocket. Win-Win, right?

    You could earn up to 45% of your historic renovation expenses back in the form of state and federal tax credits. Before you start your downtown remodel, give us a call and we can show you how following historic guidelines can save you money.

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    Historic District Guidelines

    Great news, your downtown property is in the Historic District. We can help protect your investment.  

    Investing in an historic property is exciting. We've got a few handy hints in our tool box to help your exterior renovation get approved and stay on the right track.



  • Visit our Resource Library to download fact sheets, applications, maps, and guidelines.